About Us

Professor Peter O'Connor


Founder and Chief Scientific  Officer

 Prof O’Connor has a PhD in 1995 from Cornell University under the mentorship of Prof. Fred W. McLafferty.  2-Year postdoc at the FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics in Amsterdam.  2-year scientist position at IonSpec, a small FTICR mass spectrometry start-up company in Irvine, CA.  10 years developing his academic career at the Boston University School of Medicine, in Boston, Massachusetts.  10 years as a full professor of mass spectrometry at the University of Warwick.  PBO has spent 28 years of his career working on instrumentation research in FTICR mass spectrometry. 

Robert Burch



   Robert is an engineer by training and spent five years in the oil and manufacturing industries before working as a management consultant at Bain & Co in London.  He has subsequently developed significant commercial and management experience during 12 years at Avis Europe plc, Regus plc and United Technologies.

Cath Whitaker


 Business Development Director

Cath has been involved in instrument sales for over 30 years, and has previously developed markets for a number of MS instruments. She has also sold other separations science equipment, software, and consumables. She has extensive experience selling into the target markets for the 2DMS project. 

Dr David Denny




David started his career as a graduate engineer in Carnaud Metalbox (now Crown Cork), working in a range of roles from R&D to production and project management.

David spent much of his career living and working overseas in Spain, Argentina, Belgium and France. David did his MBA at Harvard Business School, after which he joined Z Corporation, an MIT licensee start up. He spent several years growing the European and Asian businesses before entering the venture industry.

David predominantly focuses on physical science and engineering opportunities.

Dr Chris Wootton


Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Chris is the leader of the hardware and software development team, with over  6 years MS experience.  Chris was involved in designing and building the prototype.  He is the company's electronics & software specialist.

The Verdel team are always interested in hearing from people who have skills in our fields of interest;  the design and development of mass spectrometry instruments or people with business development skills and contacts in our target markets. 

We are also interested in talking to distribution and post-sales support/service partners.  

Please get in touch!